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Virtual private server

Virtual private server is the best solution for your Internet project.
Main advantages are:

  • Easy to change configuration of the server (you can easily change the amount of memory or processors on your server).
  • 24-hour remote access to the server console.
  • you avoid investments in server technology that is rapidly becoming obsolete.
  • Stabil and continual operation of data center
    Guaranteed resources are allocated to your virtual server that will not be shared with other members of the cloud.
    We use only the most reliable and fault-tolerant hardware.

    Disk space has been allocated to NetApp Datastorage – the leading manufacturer of disc arrays.
    server equipment-Hewlett-Packard and Cisco UCS are leading manufacturers
    of server and network equipment

  • Choose your desired VPS

    The number of cores:
    RAM guaranteed,, Gb:
    384 MB
    32 GB
    Space on the Disc:
    10 GB
    2 TB
    IP addresses:
    Cost per month:
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